Who is Jesus Christ?

A personal reflection of Jesus Christ by Pastor Getty.


Jesus is the Light of the world; He is the Light of my life.

We can see the sun because of the light that it emits; we can feel the sun because of the heat that it radiates. We can study and learn to understand the working of the sun by studying the radiation that it gives off, both visible and invisible. The visible rays are the light we see, the invisible rays are part of the heat we feel. The surface of the sun itself cannot be touched because we would be instantly destroyed even before we reached it.

God is like the Sun, the star at the center of our solar system. Jesus is the light of the world; He helps me deal with the darkness within and around me. He helps me “see” God in the flesh. The Holy Spirit is the invisible fire that warms my heart and keeps me focused by helping me know Jesus even when I don't "see" Him. He helps me “feel” God in the spirit. The Father Himself is the huge mass of hot glowing nuclear gas, untouchable, but knowable through His one and only son, Jesus and through the flames of the Holy Spirit.

If you could shut off the energy from the Sun, there would be no light and no heat, and we would all die! Because the three, energy, light and heat are one and the same: the Sun. If you relight the nuclear furnace, the light and the heat would return, the cold would melt away and life would begin again. Why? Because the three are one: the Sun.

This is why, in an imperfect sense, the Father is greater than the Son, and both are greater than the Holy Spirit and yet all are equal because there could not be one without the other, because the three together, Father, Son and Holy Spirit define the One God, just as the nuclear fusion and the surrounding halo of light and heat define the fiery orb we call the Sun.

We can picture in our brain, if we let loose our imagination, a vibrant world without a star, but we will never find one in the real universe because all life that we know is sustained directly or indirectly by a sun. Where there is no sun, there is no life. Where there is no God there is no being.

You can recognize me in a picture and understand a little bit about who I am from it, but you won't begin to know me until you meet me, and even then you will only get to know about me the things I consciously or unconsciously reveal to you. The more time you spend with me the more you will know me but you will never know me completely because there are parts of me that are yet to be, and parts of me that I don't know myself, until I choose to think about it.

But God is complete in and of Himself; He is no mystery to Himself even though I am still a mystery to me. He knows himself fully and relates to Himself perfectly, but even so you will never know him perfectly because of the present limitations of our fleshly being. But we can begin to know Him and understand Him by studying the Light.

Jesus is the Light that helps us to know God, because He is God with us. Through Jesus we learn that God is Love and that He desires to save us rather than to condemn us, He desires to restore us rather than to destroy us. He desires to transform us into a reflection of Him in the world. He wants to make us lights in the world so that others can get to know Him through us as well.

Jesus is the Light of the world; He is still the Light of my life. Will you let Him be the Light of your life too?


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